Jose "Pepe" Antonio Ortega Bonet left behind a legacy of love, effort, integrity and generosity. Born in Havana, Cuba, in 1929, the founder of Sazon Goya moved with his wife, Lucila Galvis Gomez-Plata, and children Maria Elena Wollberg and Jose Antonio Ortega, Jr, to Miami in 1976. He dedicated his philanthropy to greater Miami, donating to numerous nonprofits, including the Jose Marti Foundation, Mercy Hospital, La Liga Contra el Cancer, Centro Mater Foundation and many more.

A firm believer in giving academically accomplished students access to quality education, Jose Antonio originally began The Ortega Foundation to provide scholarships to children of Sazon Goya and Goya Foods employees. Today, his family has built on that and expanded the reach of the foundation, with the goal of improving the lives of residents in Miami-Dade County by investing in housing, education and healthcare initiatives, among others. It is an honor for us to continue a legacy of giving, with the goal of lifting up our neighbors and community together.